Jamie Ede

Technical Engineer & Developer


This site is dedicated to the development and technical side to me, let's call it a CV...

I currently work as a Technical Support Engineer for Cloudflare.

I have experience in the following fields:

  • Tier 1-3 technical support
  • Web development in HTML, CSS, Node.js, PHP
  • Web services administration with Linux servers using various terminal languages including bash, python and panels.
  • Web server experience in: NGINX, Apache, node
  • About Me

    A bit of a geek, live in the UK, started life as a self-taught developer using HTML/CSS basic sites using the infamous 000webhost. Moved onto using my own dedicated servers after getting clients including (but not limited to) role-play server for GTA San Andreas with a community site, now I work for Cloudflare as a Technical SUpport Engineer.

    Industries I have helped with web presence and server admin including:

  • Insurance industry
  • Competetive gaming industry
  • e-commerce industry
  • Bespoke CMS of back-office 'in-the-cloud'

  • Blog posts

    Welcome to the new blog

    This is the new home for my thoughts