Hi everyone, I recently bought a vehicle. When I buy a car, even if it has a fully stamped service book I always perform a basic service myself. Changing oil, oil filter, ait filter, fuel filter (if applicable).

I have also recently started to use a product that ‘claims’ to:

Cleandrive boosts the performance of your vehicle or fleet and reduces costs and harmful emissions – in one. Enhance the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, improve its performance and lifespan and cut maintenance costs. Designed to be used in hybrid engines as well as diesel and petrol engines. Flush out gums and resins in the fuel system and carbon and similar deposits from the oxygen sensor/lambda probe and the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Cut harmful engine emissions by up to 60%*. Use it only every 3 months because it’s not an additive. Cut your overall vehicle maintenance costs. Cleans entire fuel system. Removes carbon deposits from exhaust valves. Cleans the EGR valves, Inlet valves and injectors. Prevent loss of power. Cleans Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) & Catalytic Converters. Cleans Lambda Sensors.

Which… it actually DOES!!

I know its quite a claim. But, I did a full read on an OBD reader and I was getting a couple of injector specific error codes… After reading up on it; it could have been a number of things including the DREADED ‘failing injector’ or ‘common rail’!!

So, instead of spending a TON of ££ chasing the problem I thought i’d give this product a go.

And guess what, problem dissipated. After all this time (2 months) codes have stayed away, car is a lot more responsive and I have gained ‘in real life’ MPG increases of 3mpg. Neglegible, but it’s not lower than before I gave the engine a full clean with Clean Drive.

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