Sharon Connor Cyprus Bailout

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This isn’t a normal blog post, this woman needs our help.

Sharon Connor is a family friend of mine that has been caught up in something during an extremely difficult time in her life, she deserves a voice and YOU can help get her heard.

So far she has had the following news coverage:

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– Article written in the Guardian (Money Section) by Rupert Jones in the Money section and online dated 6th April

– BBC South East radio report by Julia George aired 11th April

– BBC South East TV report by Chrissie Reidy aired 11th April

– Sunday Express dated 14th April. The Observer dated 14th April [/fancy_list][/fancy_box]

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Read on for detail, please sign the e-petition above!

[colored_box variation=”red”]Below is the letter/email that Sharon Connor has been sending to the media and MP’s in its entirety, take your time to read it and take in the heartache that is being experienced by this British citizen, then sign the e-petition and share it.[/colored_box]

Dear *****

I hope you can help me to get my money released from Cyprus. I had lived in Cyprus with my husband since 2004. Unfortunately in January 2012 my husband Gary passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. I decided to return to the UK in order to move forward with my life arriving back on 4th February 2013. I am currently live between my sisters house in Tonbridge. This was supposed to be a short term arrangement pending the purchase of a house in the UK funded by money from my house sale in Cyprus.

I was lucky enough to find a cash buyer with all completing and money hitting my account in Cyprus on 15th March 2013. I emailed the bank on the same day with instructions to pay the funds on the next working day (19th March) to my account in the UK as an offer had been received on a house. As you know 16th March the press released the news that the Cypriot Banks were in major financial difficulty. I have tried to get my money released but all accounts are frozen with 60% of monies over the €100k insured amount being taken from me. I find this difficult to believe as my funds are not savings that have been accruing interest they are from the sale of a house and had been deposited in the account two hours prior to close of business the day before the Cyprus press release.

I will lose a huge chunk of the money that Gary and I have worked our lives to achieve! On the first working day that the banks opened after the press release (28th March) I was advised that all my funds were frozen. I can only transfer €3k out of the country per month and draw €300 per day but can only carry €2k cash per person out of the country.

On the 28th March I instructed Bank of Cyprus to put forward an appeal to The Central Bank committee to release my funds as they were from the sale of a house. The committee requested a copy of the Contract of Sale from the house sale in Cyprus along with proof that I was purchasing with this money a house in the UK. This information was given to them on 28th March. I received an email on Monday this week 8th April advising that the committee had declined my request. I immediately emailed my bank and instructed them to ask for the reasoning for this along with the criteria that must be met to qualify. To date I have had no reply.

I have now lost the house in the UK as I cannot give them a time frame for the purchase to proceed.

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