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Any business, organisation & person deserves the best hosting, with a UK/EU based infrastructure for a productive, speedy & secure hosting experience.



100 GB PREMIUM Bandwidth
UNLIMITED BASIC Bandwidth (10Mbps)
1 GB HDD space
2 Email accounts
1 MySQL database
1 FTP account
1 domain
Unlimited sub-domains
Parallels Plesk Panel (11.x)



250 GB PREMIUM Bandwidth
UNLIMITED BASIC Bandwidth (10Mbps)
10GB HDD space
10 Email accounts
10 MySQL databases
10 FTP accounts
5 domains
Unlimited sub-domains
Parallels Plesk Panel (11.x)



1 TB PREMIUM Bandwidth
UNLIMITED BASIC Bandwidth (10Mbps)
100GB HDD space
Unlimited Email accounts
25 MySQL databases
25 FTP accounts
25 domains
Unlimited sub-domains
Parallels Plesk Panel (11.x)

Low Price & Personal Hosting

Low Price & Personal

50GB PREMIUM Bandwidth
0GB BASIC Bandwidth
100MB HDD space
1 Email accounts
1 MySQL database
1 FTP account
1 domain
2 sub-domains
Parallels Plesk Panel (11.x)

£1.00 / month

This lower allowance hosting package is perfect for many people. For example it is perfect for people who want to take the plunge of starting up their own website or want to test out the speeds / reliability of the infrastructure. Very low monthly overhead for your hosting needs in a superiorly secure and speedy infrastructure.

If you buy this package you will get the same amount of time, care and attention when it comes to support.

All packages include

Parallels Plesk Panel

Hosted using the latest stable release of Parallels Plesk Panel with intense hardening to ensure your data is secure.

With the panel you will be able to manage all aspects of your website. Including (but not limited to) the following:

  • FTP user management
  • DNS editing
  • Email account setup
  • Manage your SQL databases
  • Check on your monthly bandwidth and HDD usage stats
  • Add extra domains/subdomains
  • And much, much more!

What I mean by Premium Bandwidth:

The amount of bandwidth included in your package is reserved for your use. We will never overload nodes (dedicated server hardware)  so as to risk your bandwidth allocation.

All datacenters in use have at least a 550 GBit backbone

All servers have AT LEAST a 300Mbps connection

All servers have at least 2 tier 1 carrier link

All servers have at least 3 tier 2 carrier links.

The above info means your data will always have connections to the whole world via multiple avenues. Downtime would not be an issue.

All servers will have AT LEAST the following specifications to ensure optimum performance of even the most complex of applications:

  • Quad core 2.1Ghz AMD/Intel CPU ++
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM ++
  • 2 x 1TB 7200 HDD ++
  • 1gbit ethernet port

We only use the most premium of hardware, hardware that is cheap and nasty is never good for your business in the long-run, so it is most definitely NOT something we buy into.

You will have access to an advanced (but very simple to use) backup utility to schedule backups of your website, email and settings from within the control panel.

The backup utility can backup to the HDD or you can specify an off-site FTP for the backup to be uploaded to when complete.

Reach support via a dedicated email link 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Even Christmas day! My priority is you and your business, every single day.

In this day and age you cannot be too careful when it comes to the security of your web presence. Because a data breach has both major implications in terms of revenue generation and extreme loss of trust for your past, current and potential users if the worst was to happen!

Key points regarding the security implementations are:

  • Robust anti-hack firewalls are in place
  • Brute force of management logins protected
  • Brute force of core infrastructure logins protected
  • Much, much more

What is BASIC Bandwidth:

All accounts (above “LOW PRICE & PERSONAL HOSTING”) have unlimited BASIC Bandwidth with their hosting accounts.

Your site will NEVER be cut off for over-usage of your PREMIUM bandwidth allowance.

Your account will just be limited to 10Mbps.

Leave your current hosting providers oversold infrastructure and join the meticulously setup & secure setup that is Jamie Ede hosting.