Hi all,

So I prestiged like a week ago on the XBOX version of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and it was a decision I was umming and arring about.

When you prestige you keep your emblems and callsigns but all weapon levels and unlocks are lost.

I decided to go for it for the pure fact that I may as well do it once at least + it did seen abit pointless not getting PLAYER XP points when playing online.


I don’t know if I will attempt to prestige again purely due to the coming release of Black Ops II very close.

Pros of prestige:
1) Just so you can say you have done it
2) Nice Emblems & Callsigns after doing so
3) The challenge of started again with the basic weapons and working your way up.

Negatives of prestige:
1) Losing all weapons and starting with ye basics again.

So if you like the challenge & want to do it, GO FOR IT!! Before Black Ops II is released and you leave MW3 for it :p