You can now get the Windows equivalent to change your iPhone or iPad’s carrier logo!

I host it now for anyone to grab.



When Carrier Editor for Mac was released warned the creators that they would make no Windows version. But he is now anyway: in addition to the Mac Tool Carrier Editor is now a Windows tool called Custom Carrier Logo. It lets you change operator logo of your device without a jailbreak need to perform. Custom Carrier Logo works on almost any type of appliance, old or new, with or without a jailbreak. The operation is similar to the Mac app: you indicate which carrier version running on your iPhone and which image you want to use and the app makes a ipcc file.

Custom Carrier Logo can also convert text to a logo.

How it works:

  1. Install the Windows app Custom Carrier Logo and launch the app.
  2. Go to the iPhone or iPad to Settings> General> About> Provider. You will see a value to your provider are, for example, “en vf 1.13.
  3. Choose your desktop from your phone and operator.
  4. In the following field you can indicate whether you own text or an image to use.
  5. Do you have all the settings, then click “Create IPCC Carrier Bundle”.
  6. The new ipcc file found on the desktop. They are actually two: the newly created and discover original ipcc file, for when you want to return to the old situation.
  7. Open iTunes, press the Shift key and specify that you want to restore your iPhone. Then select the desired ipcc file.
  8. Is the new operator logo is not visible, reboot your iPhone.

Pretty decent and works VERY well. Changed my iPhone 4S in under 1 minute.

Enjoy 🙂

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