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Flow Free


Recently my wife was playing this game constantly so I asked what she was playing. Ergo I am now addicted.

It’s a simple concept although gets VERY complex and causes you to use those brain cells that are dormant!

To pair a color, you need to choose a color and match it to the other color found on the board. Once the match has been made, it will be counted as a single flow. Matching them is the fun part, and Free Flow makes it easier for players to navigate the board as it is divided into set of blocks. When a player tries to intersect or bumps into another color, it automatically cut the flow of that color. Fun as it may seem, Flow Free requires skills, patience and planning for you to succeed.

Players progress are being monitored on top of the board with the percentage they have completed on the level, the amount of moves they have made and the best move for that particular level. Pretty useful, once you are dealing with numerous colors on screen. If you manage to finish the level matching the best moves, you will get a star, while finishing it above the requirements will earn you a checkmark.

The look of Free Flow is minimalistic which works very well. It doesn’t need to have over fancy graphics as the focus is on gameplay and features!

Fans of puzzle games would enjoy this alot. It is also a very good game for changing people’s opinion on puzzle games. As it starts easy and gradually makes you think more and more with what you are doing with each flow.

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