Hey all,

Thought i’d do a lil blog post for my fellow brits looking for ways to get free iTunes gift codes.

Here’s a lil background info, I like most of you, did the Google search for ways to get free iTunes gift codes here in the UK, FreeMyApps (link) alternatives etc.

The best after about 6 months of testing is AppBounty.

You can earn EXTRA initial credits and have automated redeemable gifts by using my unique referral link:


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These perks are unique to AppBounty media partners (to which I am one) so go ahead and join and start earning your rewards now.

I guarantee you’ll earn enough points to have your first £10 within a month. If you install and run all the free apps that earn you points. Also earn by referring people with your own unique link to AppBounty (That will appear once you sign up via my unique link: link)

How do I earn the gift codes?

You earn by installing a selection (large) of free apps for points. Once you have installed one of the apps run it for ~1-2mins (or longer if you like it) and earn the points that were stated next to the app.

Once you have 6000 points you’ll be able to redeem your first £10 iTunes gift code. It’s that simple….

There are other rewards that are less points for people that are gamers & online shoppers.

What you can redeem via AppBounty:

  1. iTunes gift codes (min £10 code – 6000 points)
  2. Amazon.co.uk (min £1 code – 600 points)
  3. Steam (min $20 code – 12000 points)
  4. Playstation UK (min £5 – 3000 points)
  5. Xbox LIVE (min 400 Xbox LIVE points – 2500 points)


IMG_1211 IMG_1212

So as you can see from the list there are gifts for people into most avenues!


So far with AppBounty I have made £195. Mixture of iTunes, Amazon and Playstation Network codes.

AppBounty gift code redeems

Join now, tap with your iPhone or iPad


(insert this as the invite code if prompted: JamieEde)

What will you redeem first? Want to ask a question not outlined in this post?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!