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AppBounty – INTERNATIONAL! Brilliant Rewards.

With this you earn “vCredits” by installing free apps from their list, the list isn’t huge but does have apps added to it quite occasionally. You can redeem your points for iTunes & Amazon gift cards for the USA and for Germany and the United Kingdom you can earn iTunes gift cards for those respective AppStores. More and more countries are added every single week! That point is a major advantage than the rest as it is multi-national. It also has the referral system which is VERY good in terms of points.



FreeMyApps – One of the biggest around.

It has a nice big collection of apps for free install plus referral system where you can earn credits for friends joining via your unique referral URL. Get FREE iTunes Gift Cards, Amazon & others with credits earned. It is undoubtedly the biggest and the best out there.



Feature Points – Speedy, worth it.

A nice speedy interface unlike some others, nice selection of apps to install that is added to frequently. You can earn “Feature Points” by installing the sponsored apps (free apps) from the interface along with the referral system. You receive 50% of the points your friend earns for life. This is one of the best referral programs out there. You can redeem your points for paid apps, Amazon, PayPal, iTunes credit along with the iPad mini. Very good system

Feature Points


FreeAppSlots – Slot machine = Credits.

You spin a slot machine with the spins you earn by downloading and installing free apps, you win credits that can be redeemed for paid apps & various gift cards including iTunes and Amazon. You can use their referral system where you can earn credits for friends joining via your unique referral URL



AppCasher – It’s okay, not as good as above.

With this one you install free apps for credits and can redeem for rewards, it has a nice big collection of apps to install. Current rewards you can redeem are Amazon & iTunes gift cards. A big downfall of these is that the referral system isn’t great. (Only earn credits from referrals once your friend has earned 1500 points) Worth joining though


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  • José Manuel Tubroster

    GET MUSIC from Amplified. $100 AMPLIFIED Gift Card. (100 Credits = $100).

    *This auction is for a “GIFT CARD” of “AMPLIFIED/GETMUSIC” with 100 credits ($100).
    *After validating the “GIFT CARD” you may download the music you want to hear. (Up to a value of 100 credits or $100).

    To redeem, please follow these steps.
    *Browse for your favorite tracks, and click the Credit button to redeem.
    *Enter your unique PIN, and agree to the Terms & Conditions and click Submit.
    the on-screen instructions to download your track to your computer via
    the Download Manager tool, or direct through your browser interface.
    *Songs are playable in iTunes (once imported), and in Windows Media Player
    *Enjoy your music!

    Item condition: New / Never been worn.

    Remember that:
    * 1 credit is equal to $1 (one dollar)
    * This auction is for a total of 100 credits ($100).
    The winner of the auction will be given to 20 codes, with a value of 5
    credits each ($5); Making a grand total of $100 (100 credits).
    * All codes are cumulative. (You can use multiple codes for a single transaction)
    *It has no expiration date.
    *High resolution music MP3s from today’s hottest artists.
    burn to CD or side-load to iphone, android, and any other device!



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