UPDATE 06/03/2016:

So, since this post went live in 2012 I have accumulated over $2000 in FreeMyApps gifts. Nowadays I mostly redeem the $10 Prepaid VISA virtual card FREE! On occasion I do get a Google Play Store code or iTunes code. With AppBounty I mostly redeem Amazon vouchers. But on occasion I do also redeem my free Playstation Network gift card code.

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Video at the end of post.

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I got enough LINK: FreeMyApps points to redeem my FOURTH $10 iTunes gift code!

If you may not already know LINK: FreeMyApps is a platform whereby you install free apps, use them for 30seconds, then once you have accumulated enough choose rewards to redeem. iTunes gift codes, amazon, Hulu subscription. Lots of cool rewards for doing something simple!

Here is a quick YouTube video of me redeeming my fourth $10 iTunes gift code!

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