Well there are quite a few “get rewarded for installing apps” programs. I have tried most of them and this will outline the ins and outs of the three stated in the title.

I will start with the one I use the most above all others.


FreeMyApps is probably the best payout/work ratio. It’s the most straightforward and the most stable.

All you have to do is go to FreeMyApps, install apps, play with them for 30seconds and receive points, also get points for referring people to the site.

Over the last three months I have made: 3 x $10 iTunes for free, see screenshot below


I highly recommend signing up to FreeMyApps. Click here to go to FreeMyApps.

Now I move on, to the worst I have come across, but read on, it may interest you.


It’s about 1/10 for me, due to the fact after 1 day of apps to install I haven’t had any more since…..

The main focus of freeappdaily is somewhat the same as FreeMyApps although you also have sections to vote on apps that you would like “freed” you also get referral points etc, but it doesn’t seem worth it due to the lack of installable apps.

Here is a screenshot (as if you want to see a screenshot of an unmaintained site)


Click here to go to freeappdaily

That’s enough of this one, onto a good one, that is interactive and a lil bit fun.


This one is great, this is the process: install apps or refer friends and get SPINS on the fruit machine for points!


Points earned from the spinning can be redeemed for paid apps, iPod touch + the iPad + gift vouchers



Start earning now, click here to go to FreeAppSlots