An easy and quick way to earn free cash to spend at CVS (North America). Tap HERE on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or ANY Android device.

You can get the following:

  • $5 CVS Gift Card
  • $10 CVS Gift Card

Easy as following THIS LINK on your iOS device or Android device and within a week you could easily get the $10 gift card.

Three Easy Steps

Step One

1) Grab your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod) or your Android phone/tablet (Samsung, HTC, OneplusOne etc)

Step Two

2) Open the browser on your chosen device and tap this: LINK

Step Three

3) Redeem your selected FREE CVS Gift Card in hardly any time with VERY little effort.

That’s it………..

Simples. yet effective… I have earned over $2’000 in vouchers using this method over the past 12 months. Takes very little time and very little effor. Your best bet is to do all the steps + refer to get the most out of it and earn big.

If you use MY link to join then you will earn a BONUS in credit 😉

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