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Those of you who follow my blog and/or me on twitter/facebook know I am all about the tech. Whether it be PC hardware, Linux server setup, security etc etc.

Scroll down to the “Five Simple Steps” section below to get to the point and start making money now.

Today I am here showing you that you can get Free Playstation Network UK money using your iPhone, iPad & iPod.

All you need to use is a service I have told you about on countless occasions. The amazing-ness that is AppBounty.

Like some of my other blog posts state, all you need to do is install free promoted apps, run them for a minute or two, gain the points, redeem them…

What’s so brilliant about AppBounty is the vast array of different types of rewards you can redeem. One I have recently started using alot is the Playstation Network UK codes. Use them on my PS3 for paying for Playstation Plus & games etc… Kinda win if you ask me… I haven’t had to pay a penny for it! Get it free with these simple steps:

Five Simple Steps

1. Go to: http://abo.io/JamieEde via your iPhone, iPad & iPod

2. Install the free apps that are in the Offers section

3. Gain points

4. Redeem for your FREE £5 Playstation Network gift card code

5. Repeat


Gain extra points by referring people to AppBounty via your unique URL once you have registered via my link http://abo.io/JamieEde

Thanks for reading!

What will you do with your first £5 Playstation Network Code? Will you buy a Playstation Plus subscription like me? Have a success story? Use the comment section below to let me know!