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The winner was @WaldenComputers



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For people that don’t know what the Colour Lab is, it’s a service by the people over at mendmyi.com that allows you to change the colour of your iPhone. You can pick from a beautiful array of colours and match your iPhone to your personality.

You can be individual with your beloved iPhone and turn it into something special. The guys over at mendmyi.com have perfected their own anodising process for the iPhone 5 so you can have a high quality, superior finish that is more resistant than the Apple standard (13 microns for Apple against the mendmyi iPhone 5 Colour Lab which is over 20 microns making it over 40% thicker than Apples coating)

Those of you with an iPhone 4/4S can still get a Colour Lab and have an awesome phone! Check out this link for inspiration and make your own!

Here are some ideas of what you could choose to have your iPhone look like:


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Giveaway important information:

  • The giveaway is for the £96 service.
  • This giveaway is open to anyone, worldwide.
  • Devices covered for this giveaway are the iPhone 4, 4S and the iPhone 5.
  • The winner has to arrange postage of their device to mendmyi & pay for return postage. (https://mendmyi.com/support/sending-your-idevice#ans1)
  • Winner will be randomly selected as soon as the giveaway is over.
  • Winner will be notified by email/facebook & by twitter on the following Sunday. (if you do the optional extra twitter entries!)
  • Winner will also be announced on this page.
  • The lucky Winner will receive an email from mendmyi with instructions on how to claim their prize
  • The winner will have 24 hours to respond to the “Congratulations, you’ve won” email. We will randomly select a different winner IF the time lapses

Good Luck!!

  • Robert A. Petersen

    Very cool contest!

    • jamieede

      Thank you robert! Good luck in the draw!

  • jordan

    What a awesome comp.. 3rd time lucky.

    • jamieede

      Good luck Jordan! Lets hope you are third time lucky!

  • jordan

    This is a must comp to enter

  • fearjohnny

    Nice contest!!

    • jamieede

      Thanks Johnny! Good luck!

  • Ricky (cl1ck4207)

    Back Top : White. Back Bottom. : white. Housing : Lime Green. Every other option : Black. 🙂 hell yeah

    • jamieede

      Good luck Ricky! nice choice! The green looks so awesome!

  • Ahmed

    Unique way to give a whole new look to one’s iPhone. Orange love to win !!

    • jamieede

      Quite! It’s the BEST way to give your iPhone a new lease of life and personality! Good luck!

  • Alan Lawton

    Entered amd will share/retweet as much as I can. I’d have to have either orange or lime green. Both work well with black buttons or even have them the same colour

    • jamieede

      Good luck Alan, people are lovin’ the thought of having an orange iPhone!

  • Harshkkd

    Red and Black would look awesome! 😀

    • jamieede

      An iPhone 5 in black and red is shweeeeeeeet! The mendmyi Colour Lab for the win!

  • Charlotte Clark

    red and black!

    • jamieede

      One of the more popular choices! Good luck!

  • red and white is amazing!

    • jamieede

      Good luck Radu! Red n white, BOOM!

  • Jake Smith

    I would go with red and black, including the home button to be red. It looks amazing.

    • jamieede

      Red and black equals awesome. iPhone awesomeness!

  • Royal Blood

    Red sides and home button and black

    • jamieede

      Another person in love with red! It’s a winning combo!

      • Royal Blood

        definitely best color in the world

  • stuart Ruskin

    Bright sky blue and white.

    • jamieede

      Ooooo, no one has suggested that colour iPhone! Lovin’ it!

  • Kyle Greenlaw

    Black and red would look sick!

    • jamieede

      Another person in love with the Red & Black iPhone colour combo!

  • rajee

    love gold and silver

    • jamieede

      Nice Rajee. Good luck to you!

  • gfa01

    Love the navy and blue one, but they all look awesome.

    • jamieede

      They do all look #win! Good luck!!

  • Lauren Pilkington

    id love claret and blue but as there isnt that id have red and blue

    • jamieede

      Nice Lauren, GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Ben Markley

    I would simply like a blue and white iphone 5, classy

  • Ben Markley

    i would simply like a blue and white iphone 5, classy

    • jamieede

      Good luck Ben, nice choice of an iPhone 5 Colour there!

  • m1n1cooper

    Got to be blue or red for me

    • jamieede

      Good luck! It is hard to choose between those red and blue for the iPhone 5 Colour Lab!

  • John Lamano

    cant decide between the red and black.. and orange too… all are great colors!

    • jamieede

      Good luck John! 🙂

  • micmas

    orange is beautiful

    • jamieede

      Good luck!! Orange is a lovely colouring for your iPhone!

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  • Chris

    White and Blue

    • jamieede

      Another lover for the blue iPhone colour lab! Good luck!

  • CandieL

    I would love green. Thankyou

    • jamieede

      Good luck!! Green is a lovely colour for the iPhone!

  • isaac

    I would love the gold and black for my iPhone 5

    • jamieede

      Nice choice, different than most! Good luck Isaac!

  • Jess Hartland

    Love the pink and white or purple and black! 🙂

    • jamieede

      Nice choices Jess! Good luck! 🙂

  • Wanda Bergman

    I love red … any shade.

    • jamieede

      Nice, the red iPhone Colour Lab looks absolutely lovely in real life when it’s in your hand! Good luck!

  • Alan Roberts

    Liking the orange

    • jamieede

      Good luck Alan! orange is one of the favourite combos to go with for the iPhone Colour Lab!


    Love gold with white accent than any other

    • jamieede

      Sounds like a win combo for coloring your iPhone! good luck!

  • damar1st

    The orange – black one would give my iPhone a great Lamborghini style

    • jamieede

      Nice choice! Orange and black. The best in terms of Lambo iPhone coloring in my opinion! Good luck!

  • Stephan Antoniou

    Red on a black iphone is the best combo ever

    • jamieede

      Another lover for the red on black iPhone combo! Good luck!

  • Nathan

    love the red and black combo!

    • jamieede

      And another one for the red and black iPhone colouring! Ahhhhh! Good luck Nathan!!

  • Brian Johnson

    Would love the blue and white!!! It looks awesome

    • jamieede

      Good luck Brian, The guys all love the blue iPhone!

  • darren

    Red and blue would be nice bit of white

    • jamieede

      Mixture of colours from Darren there for his iPhone. Sounds epic. GOOD LUCK!

  • Martin

    Summer Orange for me!!!

    • jamieede

      Orange iPhone, it’s one of the most vibrant unique looking colours on offer. Good luck Martin!

  • Mridul Bhutani


  • Mridul Bhutani

    I need the Blue one

    • jamieede

      Another lover for the blue iPhone awesomeness! Good luck!

  • David Cameron

    Blue for me!

    • jamieede

      Blue iPhone all the way! Good luck David!

  • Blake Folgado

    Love the black and yellow iPhone 5, great business idea to help bring individualism to phones.

    • jamieede

      Black and yellow iPhone 5, good choice! Isn’t that a song? Haha. Good luck Blake!

  • Waqqy 

    Would love green and white 🙂

    • jamieede

      Green and white iPhone…. Bliss! Good luck!!

  • Gilbert Sandoval

    I’d love to do mine in black and maroon!

    • jamieede

      Nice choice for your iPhone Colour Lab, good luck!

  • ST03VEN

    Rose gold with black would be nice but not sure if they do that colour combo so I’d probably go for the light blue & black.

    • jamieede

      Sounds good! They do, do a nice gold colour that would blow your mind! Light blue is also a winner for your iPhone Colour Lab, good luck!

  • Yhong

    Green and orange nice colour

    • jamieede

      Green or Orange have the biggest wow factors for an iPhone Colour Lab! good luck!

  • Samantha Raeburn

    I’d love a purple and black one. Or a black and green one would be really nice.

    • jamieede

      Good luck Samantha! Nice choices for if you win! iPhone Colour Lab makes your iPhone stand out in a fantastic way!

  • jamie mccallum

    Im loving the red on black…looks ace and goes well with my baseball cap 🙂 great competition guys 🙂

  • sunshine

    Love the orange