A new initiative has come to light regarding using your 404 not found custom pages to house information on missing children.

The initiative which is just a simple snippet of code to insert into your custom error page will turn your otherwise useless 404 page into something that could really make a difference!

I urge all webmasters, colleagues of webmasters to push this initiative to every site/organisation possible!

It only takes a minute to register your site and grab the code snippet!

Go to the initiative site: NotFound.Org

Courtesy of BBC NEWS:
“The NotFound project has been created by Missing Children Europe, Child Focus, the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children and several other European organisations.”

Your site doesn’t have to have millions of views a day, every little helps when it comes to finding children that are missing. Think of the children & think of their parents/carers.

The site again is:

I have it installed:
404 page

Don’t delay, insert the snippet today!