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Want to install iOS 7 on your beloved Apple device?

Here is an easy to follow run down of how to install the latest iOS 7 on your devices WITHOUT a developers account ergo… FREE!

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Step 1. Connect your device to your computer and press “Back Up Now”

itunes restore 2
Step 2. RESTORE your device to the latest current iOS version iOS 6.1.3 (if you are not already) just by clicking Restore iPad/iPod,iPhone etc. “Pressing Restore iPad…” will download and install 6.1.3 automatically.

itunes restore 1

Step 3. Once restoration has completed set it up however you usually do. Congrats at being close to the final step!

Step 4. Download iOS 7 for your device from the links provided below, ensuring you make a note of the location you saved it to.

Download iOS 7 for your device from the site below, make sure you remember where you saved it to.


Step 5. Return to iTunes. Press SHIFT + left mouse button (Windows) pr OPTION + left mouse button (OSX) on “Check for Update” This will open a window for you to select the iOS 7 file you downloaded. (file ending in .ipsw) Navigate and select the relevant .ipsw file and then click “Open”

itunes restore 3

Step 6. Your device will now be updating to the latest iOS beta!! Once it is installed set it up as a NEW device inside iTunes and then follow the next step to restore your settings on your device!
Step 7. Now inside iTunes click: “Restore Backup” and it will restore your devices settings, apps etc from the backup we created in Step 1! It does take a while sometimes to restore the backup (depending on how many apps etc you had before)

Your phone will now be running the beta version of iOS 7 and will operates as normal, i.e. be able to make calls, send messages, play music, etc. You will also be able to upgrade to the official release of iOS 7 when it comes out without problems.

Your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV is now running the latest iOS 7 and it didnt cost you a penny!!

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