Hey there,

iOS 6 has the quickest uptake than iOS 5 – FACT.

probably because of the TONS of people who aren’t jailbroken and OTA.

The maps saga that followed the release is something that isn’t the end of the world although quite hilarious as seen as this has been released by a company worth more than Microsoft.

For me and my iPhone 4S iOS 6 seems faster at all tasks than iOS 5. Battery performance seems about the same although I haven’t done a full charge to rundown as of yet as I plug it into the 360 when playing to keep the charge.

Transparency in the status bar when you start some apps (BBC NEWS, creates a red status bar) is nice.

Panoramic camera mode via the native camera app is a win feature, although it should have been released long ago and not hidden from us!

Without iOS 6 the hype with regards to the iPhone 5 would have been substantially less. iOS releases and model releases correlate a phenomenal amount!

So when you are thinking of upgrading phonr if you have an iPhone 3[GS] or iPhone 4 don’t dismiss the iPhone 4S.

It would be a substantial upgrade from those models! If you are intent on getting an iPhone 5, WAIT until revisions of both the iPhone 5’s manufacture and iOS 6 have been released.

You will get a MUCH more stable product without the hassle of RMA or taking it to an Apple store.

The jailbreak community should wait IMO for at least revision .0.1 of iOS 6 so that the final bugs in the OS have been ironed out.

Abit of a non-linear blog post, mainly going with the flow of my mindset.

Hope this helps anyone out there!

Quote of the day:
“The optimum time will come, patience, patience, patience”