So I have been on iOS 6 since beta 1 of the original iOS 6 and I’m currently on iOS 6.1 beta (latest)

iOS 6 Maps App


So, with iOS 6 comes their own Maps application that uses TOMTOM data etc as you all know.

In my opinion it’s BETTER than Google Maps. Google Maps is too cluttered, data hogging & just not “simple” the way that iOS 6 Maps app is.


  • It’s sexy (Yes it is Apple-esc so design is formost)
  • It just works…(I have used it probably 20 times in real-world situations it always sufficed. Once in the middle of London because we was somewhat lost due to the Olympic marathon blocking MOST routes. Worked out a workable route to where we wanted with ease)
  • It’s the beginning of a platform
  • 3D feature (see screenshot above)
  • CONS:

  • It’s the beginning of a platform
  • SMALL percentage of areas are incorrect (proportionally to its accurate areas the errors are small… People don’t understand that a NEW platform that navigates WORLDWIDE is bound to have blinds pots somewhere on this HUGE world.
  • Google Maps App


    It’s been around forever, the Google platform is proven to work in multiple areas including navigation, browsing and business locating.

    It’s never going to leave

  • Proven platform
  • Less errors
  • Street view (see screenshot above)
  • The first multi-device/platform infrastructure
  • CONS:

  • Too cluttered
  • Data Hog (Compared to iOS 6 Maps app)
  • Don’t get me wrong Google maps works. It always has been and always will be a part of my life. Whether it be business searching via browser or general directions/timescale of a trip etc. But now that iOS 6 Maps has appeared I will be using it for everything nav on my iPhone.

    Comments welcome below