It has been released!!

Check out the mendmyi COLOUR LAB here: mendmyi.com

The guys over at mendmyi have been working tirelessly since LONG before Christmas to get everything ready for the iPhone 5 Colour Lab launch.

THIS is what the iPhone 5 should look like.

Indications from the mendmyi blog indicate that they are in the final stages. Along with tweets from their accounts with “teaser images”

Latest pictures that have surfaced indicate high quality finish with vibrant/mellow colour variations to suit everyone.

@mendmyiRiki teased us all on January 4th 201320130107-162832.jpg

with a screenshot of the in development iPhone 5 Colour Lab page showing how he has his own iPhone 5 Colour Lab’ed in Blue, black, red and even white. Checkout the screenshot he tweeted below:


And today, (7th January 2013) @mendmyiLee tweeted a teaser.20130107-163409.jpg

It shows a Gold Colour Lab for the iPhone 5, showing the backplate and edging in gold with black back top/bottom.


Gallery of iPhone 5 Colour Lab from the mendmyi photo stream

I think we can all be certain that the iPhone 5 Colour Lab will be highly configurable to anyone’s taste with many colours along with many parts of the iPhone 5 changeable in colour. Including backplate, frame, simtray, home button and any other parts they haven’t divulged yet!

Once again, I think mendmyi are taking Apple’s iconic designs and improving them with class, quality and colours.

Don’t forget to check mendmyi out here: mendmyi.com


mendmyi Colour Lab – COMING VERY SOON

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