Simple answer to that question is yes, totally worth your time and investment. Read on for advice that will save you ££ in your quest for superior performance.

Why not just upgrade my RAM?

Why not? Because in like 99% of cases a RAM upgrade will not increase performance.

Unless you have a computer with 1-2GB of RAM (even then the performance increase will only be small on a well run, none-bloated system) you will see very little in performance increase.

It’s cheaper to just get a 10’000 / 15’000 RPM HDD, I’m just gonna do that.

Go ahead, do that, if you want, BUT it may surprise you to know that it may not be cheaper and will not give as good of a performance increase as an SSD.

I can only afford a low space SSD, I need the space that comes with a traditional HDD.

Something awesome may be the answer to your prayers.

Did you know you can convert the DVD-drive of your laptop / MacBook so it can house a second HDD?

Well if you didn’t know that, well you can!!! And cheaply

You may come across the device needed under different aliases:

  1. Hard Drive Caddy
  2. Optibay
  3. DVD-ROM HDD converter

I found mine using the first term “Hard Drive Caddy”

And bought mine from, this is the exact item I bought, take a look:
EiioX SATA 2nd 2.5” Hard Drive Caddy for 12.7mm Universal CD/DVD-ROM**Expand your data storage on your Laptop with HDD/SSD

Different sized one that may work for your bay:
HDD/SSD caddy for Dell E4200 E4300 E4500 E5400 E5410 E5420 E6140 E6320 E6400 E6410 E6500 E6510 M2400 M4400 M6400 – adapter 9.5 mm (SATA – SATA) – TheN

Right, ok, you’ve convinced me, but what’s the best one’s to buy?

Short answer to that is the “Samsung SSD EVO” range. Extremely fast, reliable & the best priced. No point in saving pence on something less than perfect performance wise so please don’t do it. Well, it would be hard to do that anyway, the range is nearly always better priced than rivals.

Amazon link to the one I bought:
Samsung 840 EVO 120GB 2.5 inch Basic SATA Solid State Drive

Proof of unprecedented performance
Samsung SSD EVO speed test
(This epic (above the “Up to”) performance is with using the Samsung Magician software to optimise fully. Using the RAPID mode and other performance tweaks within the software.)

My old HDD performance (for comparison)
old hdd

Thanks for reading & I hope my words help you with your upgrade decisions in the future.

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Will you be following up and buying an SSD as the next upgrade for your PC/Laptop/Mac? Have you already done the awesome upgrade and want to share your success? Use the comments section below