I’m writing this today due to something I stumbled upon whilst on Cydia…

And what I noticed was that jailbreaking DOES support piracy… And that is not right in my opinion.

Especially as seen as the HUGE deal all the high profile jaikbreakers make with regards to piracy.

For those that don’t know:

Jail breaking removes restrictions from your i-device so that you can install packages that are not natively supported by iOS including tweaks, apps + themes. Most of which enrich the iOS experience.

I found that one of the default repos contains a package known as “MewSeek”
The repo in question is BigBoss.

MewSeek gives you the “Limewire” experience with regards to Music Downloading and streaming…

With the app you can search, download + stream music from various sources. You can even add the music to your iTunes library.

It is a paid package @ $4.99

Jailbreak developers take note: however much you believe you do not condone piracy need to rethink slightly. Whether or not you were ignorant to the fact that the default repos themselves that you “bundle” with your jailbreak solutions contain piracy orientated applications.

Restore my faith in the jailbreak community.

I believe the people that bundle Cydia sources into the jailbreak solutions have a responsibility to have zero tolerance with regards to breaches in the morales that we all have as decent jailbreak fans.

This rant post is over. Comments are welcome and I WILL respond.