Well I have an iPhone 4S and have been using the beta’s of iOS 6 from day one.

I will start with my quick reason for why I have stuck to iOS 6:

  • It has all the features that I used to use a jailbreak for.
  • It’s faster at all the tasks I need it to do.
  • Jailbreaking IMO is dying.

I used to jailbreak when back on iOS 5 was due to lack of simple little features that iOS stock suffered from. iOS 6 has added most (if not all) the features I love having in a smartphone.

I do see that in the next 2-5 years Apple being left behind if they don’t allow things like uploading/downloading file types for web dev’s like me and various other industries that require some type of freedom in the upload/download area. (One reason I do miss the JB)

Android is one step ahead in my needs. But the cling of Apple’s “superiority” is still making me hold on to my iPhone, I don’t see this lasting much longer though.

Jailbreaking itself will lose it’s appeal when Apple gets to iOS 8/9 IF Apple play it right, add the right features, make it a more fulfilling experience.


Quote of the day:

“Holding on…. Cos I need to fit in”