As some of you may know a “service” has surfaced that allows you to install cracked IPA’s on ANY iOS device straight from your mac or PC.

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You initially download an application from them that you run on your system with your iOS device attached.

You then run the program and seemingly search for the app you want and select download.

Thereafter it downloads to your mac or PC and installs straight onto your device automatically.


From my understanding of the Apple developer program the people at kuaiyong have an Enterprise developer account.

An enterprise developer account in terms of how kuaiyong use it is to sign each IPA either before or after download with the account. Which allows it to be installed on ANY iOS device without UDID registration. In otherwords:

Anything they sign with their Enterprise developer account will install on your iPhone, iPad or iPod without error.

When you initially start a download via kuaiyong it starts it via .torrent protocol making it a virtually fully redundant system.

The concept of these Enterprise accounts has proved fruitful for this pirate Chinese “company”


You should be wary of this service due to the fact that you have NO IDEA if they are binding anything to these IPA’s before you install them.

Altering behaviour on an IPA if you have the right skills is not too difficult and as such just STAY AWAY from any pirating service like this.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps people make the right decision.

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