This is just fun

for anyone with an iOS device

Get your mates to tap the link BELOW on their iPhone, iPad or iPod. FREAK THEM OUT!

Life is too short to be serious 100% of the time, I release this to PLEAD with you to be happy, have fun and enjoy life. Bring some fun to your mates, freak out your MUM, dad, uncle or nan. Just enjoy yourself. Share this post and lets be NOT so serious for a small moment in our lives.


>>TAP ME<<

Trick or Treat

(Open in Safari)



I hope you enjoy causing mayhem with this, people are sure going to love or hate you for doing it! Read on for more info on what link does.

  • The link has the desired effect on iPhones (all), iPads (all) & iPods (all)
  • The link is NOT malicious.
  • The link is merely a bit of fun that you can share around and have a laugh with
  • If you like it then SHARE this post and comment on how many people you mess with with it!


Credit to @besweeet from twitter via the tweet from someone I follow called @jima6636 for making this “bit of fun” possible!!