To all those that went to GadgetShow LIVE there was no better stand for iDevice lovers. Stand D60 was where all came for their iPhone, iPad and iPod queries, repairs and Colour Lab awesomeness.

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Over the week they were inundated with people that were intrigued and in awe of seeing at first hand the work that goes into a repair or Colour Lab for an iPhone.

Lots of questions were asked about the techniques used to transform an iPhone into something spectacular and the mendmyi guys always strived to answer all queries.

Thousands of people, of all ages stunned at seeing an iPhone being disassembled for repair or Colour Lab. Even me myself was stunned at the time and effort that goes into a fully fledged Colour Lab!

Repairs I witnessed whilst there were multiple front/backglass repairs for an iPhone 4/4S. Colour Lab’s for the iPhone 4/4S and the awesome reanodised iPhone 5 Colour Lab (check it out HERE)

One such incident that shows the mendmyi are THE iPhone, iPad and iPod repair company was when one guy came over with a query regarding a problem with his headphone jack not working at all. One of the mendmyi team took a look and using a high brightness small torch saw that the jack was full of debris/fluff.

So, once the problem was established they removed the obstruction with precision tools & gave the iPhone back to a very happy guy without charge.

This goes to show that mendmyi are a company that care and will go out their way to help.

Here are two of the guys in different stages of a repair. One is going through the process and the other is at the final post-repair testing stage


Those of you that don’t know what the Colour Lab is should go HERE so you can build your own Colour Lab within your browser, works on all browsers and devices. My favourite is the Steel Blue!


If you missed Gadgetshow Live this year be sure to book tickets for next year (when available) and see the mendmyi awesomeness for yourself!

mendmyi also had a competition running during the week to win a Colour Lab of your choice. Many people entered for their chance to get their iPhone or iPad the Colour Lab treatment.

They even had the pleasure of the Gadgetshow presenters coming to the stand on occasions as genuine fans of what the guys do, both had their iPhones get the Colour Lab treatment.


Jason Bradbury with his Colour Lab’ed iPhone 5 in Jet Black



Pollyanna Woodward with the mendmyi guys and below that a nice shot of Polly with her iPhone 5 Colour Lab, Polly has been a longstanding fan of mendmyi. She saw them at the last show and this show was no different!


Here is Lucy Vixen with her newly Colour Lab’ed iPhone, Lucy has been a long standing fan of mendmyi and has used them on many occasions for her i-device needs. This time she came because it needed repairing, she went the extra mile and went for a lovely, vibrant colour for her iPhone Colour Lab!


One thing you can say for sure about mendmyi is that they are a British company to be proud of with professionalism and friendliness at the forefront of their customer service with awesome products and the skills to make your dreams a reality and to repair the “unrepairable” swiftly and safely!

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