They suck the generic part of your iPhone, iPad or iPod’s design out. Improving on the iconic with what they do. NOT MANY COMPANIES CAN SAY THAT CAN THEY!?

And that is there “Colour Lab”!!!

Change your iPhone or iPad’s colour to red, blue, pink etc… The list goes on!

Check out the YouTube below for an idea of MendMyi and there colourlab!


Their innovation in the art of creating something that improves on the iconic designs of the iPod, iPhone & iPad have made MendMyi what it is today (in my opinion)

If you break your device you could go for a generic repair but where’s the fun in that?! You could spend about the same on a “Colour Lab” with the guarantee you expect from a legitimate company

Or even those of you who are bored and want to change the look of your device can so with the guarantee you expect from a legitimate company and grab yourself a “Colour Lab”

So in conclusion, if you want a service you can rely upon for your repair/pimping needs for your i-device go check out MendMyi oh and while you are there let them know I sent you there 😉