For at least 5 years the domain name has been owned by someone. Started off being owned with a small site on it, a couple of years ago it ran out of subscription and one of those companies that buy up domains and try and make you pay a stupid amount of ££ for the domain owned it. I contacted them after like 6 months of them owning it and they said it would cost me upwards of £500!!!!

Like wow… Screw that! I’ll keep my and you can enjoy your “paper weight”

BUT… a month or so ago I got an email saying that the domain isn’t owned anymore from a site I signed up to to let me know if the domain status changed.

So, I searched my domain registrar and BOOM. available to purchase!

So I bought it at the NORMAL .com rates!!

I sat on the domain for a lil while before I thought up the strategy I should use with it. In the end I went with creating a Business styled .com and use the as the personal/blog platform for me.

Go and check out the new site, and comment below with any suggestions/thoughts you have on the new restyle of both this site and the new .com


Thanks for reading!