20130110-083339.jpgAs many of you know, Zeusmos has backtracked on its piracy influenced design.

There have been official statements from the creators and admins of Zeusmos.

The first statement came from the main creator himself: @uhelios via twitter. This statement came not long after the uproar against zeusmos in the iOS community and news websites.

A Statement Regarding Application Piracy

To all users out there reading this:

Let me begin by saying that it is quite an unfortunate New Years for some iOS users out there today, myself included. There has been an inevitable disturbance on the interwebs centering mainly around me in regards to Zeusmos. I do not want to sugarcoat anything, so let me get straight to the point regarding piracy. I request that you do not have my age concern any of things mentioned below as it does not have any matter whatsoever.

The definition of piracy according to Merriam Webster is “the unauthorized use of another’s production, invention, or conception especially in infringement of a copyright”. I am not going to argue the devil’s advocate here and say that Zeusmos did not easily allow users to pirate applications of hard working developers. No, that’s not what I’m entirely focusing on in this statement. My core belief, and I mean this truly whether you want to believe it or not, is that you should try before you buy. Try it and if you like it, support the developer for the hours of work that he put into it. Now that’s not usually the case as we hoped for. Most people wouldn’t want to buy an application that costs more than their spending limit, and in response some people would simply suggest to not buy it. Well, where does that leave the developers of those applications who have no choice to put it at that price point? When I had to undergo a “crash course” economics lesson for a Model UN speech, I learned that if there is no supply there is no demand; however, the converse functions the same way where if there is no demand, there is no supply. Yet in the world of iOS app development, you can have an endless supply of your apps for distribution, so its a simple matter of revenue. From this economic standpoint, I believe that exposure is driven through such methods that may benefit product development.

Of course you have the unacceptable side to all this, which is that it harms product development in its entirety. I once read an article about how a entertainment company creating a game could not further support the app on the App Store because so many ‘pirates’ were using it and exploiting the server resources. This is something I absolutely do not condone/tolerate. For those of you reading this and saying that you don’t believe the statement I just made, well let me put it to you this way, I have not supported compatibility for specific applications that Zeusmos/InstaSign did not work with because it was never my intention to proceed with such an objective. Before the days of codesigning became fully available in such an easy process of drag and drop, I always needed to share my source code and have the recipient install Xcode to deploy my application for usage. The wonder of easy codesigning enabled any user to sign an application and install it without any of the monkey business. That was the very intention of making InstaSign/Zeusmos. It is out of my control as to whether the user uses it for pirating or not, in the same way that you use your very computer for good or evil. Whether I actually encourage it or not is the very problem that lies here today. In this developing world where a person inevitably encounters restrictions on accessing or learning information in such ways of finances, is somewhat saddening to me. But we have to understand it from a point of view on both sides of the issue, the consumer and producer. I’m not going to lie, I tended to side with the reasons of the consumer rather than the producer, to which has gotten me into this sticky mess today. As a result, I intend on resolving the controversy regarding Zeusmos and its brought about association with piracy.

Amended features in the Upcoming Zeusmos Version:

– Zeusmos will no longer allow ease of access to App Store applications via the iTunes API nor any link providers (e.g. IPAStore, AppCake, iDwaneo)
– There will be more rigid improvements in user awareness of installing unauthorized applications (listed in Zeusmos’s T&C)
– Zeusmos will continue to never encourage the installation of applications that have been cracked or pirated in any form.
– Application sharing will be prohibited

(These new updates will be completed tomorrow (Jan. 2) as it is already pretty late)

Zeusmos’s intention still remains as a powerful signing utility, but also a developing community for developers who have not been so fortunate with the App Store submission process. The availability of these types of applications on a non-jailbroken system removes that barrier of requiring a jailbreak. Create that middle ground between a non-JB and JB community is where I think development should also prosper. Note that my intentions of this were never to make a profit in a manner of avarice, rather to make it self-sustaining service for users. Please do not be misled by that factor.

As previously mentioned, there will be people who read this statement and completely disagree with me. That is understandable. It is the way of human nature to disagree and agree on certain matters. I am simply requesting, at the end of reading this statement, that you are more open to understanding both sides of a coin.


Source: http://pastie.org/private/bvk2wb3yomqo2m9xp33fewposted by Twitter: @uhelios

This more recent statement (below) was made very recently and is tag signed from the Zeusmos team. Linked to by @Pix3lDemon on Twitter

In my opinion this is more proof that zeusmos is not dying, it is improving and moving away from piracy.

An interesting thing to note are the talks of adding your own sources (repos) in the revolutionary new update (that is in the works) This will be very interesting to see how that works out. I can see it being a positive move by zeusmos

Zeusmos cannot survive in its current form. We have been plagued with controversy because we allowed support for link providers. Due to this we have decided things have to change for the better of both our users and other concerned parties. We do not condone piracy. We will respond to and deal with piracy in accordance with our terms of service. We intend to make Zeusmos a revolutionary platform allow developers to distribute there apps with total control. We intend to do this by adding a new feature called sources (not available as of right now, but will be soon), this feature will allow developers to distribute their software to users in a controlled manner. Zeusmos’s focus will be on codesigning and being an open platform therefore anyone will be able to create a source for any purpose without interference from us. The prior ease-of-access can no longer sustain itself and cannot be supported within future versions. Note, that is the only change between the previous versions.

As a user you may be asking how does this affect you. We will be removing support for link providers and the search, which is based on the iTunes API due to concerns about its potential to cause copyright infringement. When it makes its return it will act as a search system for repos you’ve added though sources. In the meantime there will be a new version of Zeusmos released paving the way for this truly revolutionary update. We are aware that some people will need to codesign apps they are developing without creating a source; therefore the Custom URL option will remain. However, let us remind you again, we will discourage you from installing/downloading applications that are not rightfully yours or authorized.

We look forward to another great year and cannot wait to show you our new exciting plans for Zeusmos!

The Zeusmos Team

Source: http://pastie.org/private/hdwrsg2abuwtacsf0f6q8q posted by Twitter: @Pix3lDemon

So, zeusmos is changing, for the better in my opinion. Moving forward and moving on up to a much better future.

Thanks for reading.

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