Pictures throughout of both the damage and the setup.

Had a brain wave this morning,

I have 4 HDD’s (laptop) lying around along with 4 broken laptops, so I decided to mix and match to create a SEMI good rig.

The specs of the laptop are as follows:

Model: HP Pavilion DV9705EA

  • AMD Turion 64 X2 Mob Technology TL-60
    4 GB DDR2
    NVIDIA GeForce 7150M
    2 x 300GB HDD’s
    Latex Lansing Speakers
    I installed Windows 7 x64
  • The condition of the laptop when new is:

    The condition now:
    (As you can see its null as a laptop, hinge has “disappeared”)




    So as you can see I’m using this completely destroyed laptop as a tower substitute. Works well for what I need right now, not perfect of course but something to use until I make enough cash to build a rig I can call something worth using & speedy.


    At the moment I don’t have a USB keyboard, so for now I am using the iOS app “Remote Mouse” (paid version) as my keyboard substitute. It will do for now. Although it is totally retarded at doing things quickly.

    Dream to have a quad CPU, decent NVIDIA GPU, 8GB RAM+, SSD + normal for storage. I don’t dream beyond what I can achieve. This goal is realistic!

    Thanks for reading this random post about my computer setups! More to follow regarding other laptops I have lying around.

    Comments welcome.