Hey everyone,

So Windows 8.1 was released at 12pm (GMT) and I was eager to get it installed. I did have problems when I tried 8.1 Preview on a previous laptop. This time round it installed and ran perfectly.

Does Windows 8.1 improve speeds?

Yes, yes it does. In all aspects on my computing tasks the speed in which tasks complete has improved even further from my recent SSD upgrade. For example:

Windows 8 startup time:

8.4 seconds

Windows 8.1 startup time:

6.3 seconds

Windows 8 shutdown time:

3.5 seconds

Windows 8.1 shutdown time:

2.7 seconds

How can I update to Windows 8.1?

If you haven’t already installed the 3GB++ update then just open Windows Store and the update should appear on the left for you to select, download and install.

What improvements make it worth my time?

UI updates – You can now customise the “metro” screen alot more and personalise it to you with images etc and a bigger selection of patterns/colour combos

Start Button – It’s back, but not the same as Windows 7. Opens the “Metro” interface

Better multitasking – 3 apps to snap in.

Search – Search has VASTLY improved. Now there is no need to select the annoying Apps, Settings etc tabs for a thorough search, all shows in one place.

Lots more…

Comments Welcome

Have you taken the plunge and updated to 8.1? What do you think of it? Come across any problems during install or usage afterwards? Discuss them in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!