Beat The Bush is quite new and one of a kind.
It’s main focus is lost and found people, pets, things.

AppStore link:

Once you have logged in you you can browse through the listings of things people have lost or found. You can easily post your own with relative ease. The apps main focus is the USA. But if it picks up I can see it being profound in other countries.

You can sign up via email, Facebook or twitter very quickly20130124-142110.jpg

You then come to the main screen showing the listings of all categories with newest first20130124-142236.jpg

The main menu of this lost and found app is nicely planned out, along with its search function20130124-142339.jpg20130124-142349.jpg

Tapping on a listing shows it in greater detail along with any reward they are offering for the return/finding of the person, pet or item20130124-142524.jpg

All in all it’s a great app, it’s main focus is the USA at this time but I see a good future for this one due to the thought that has gone into its creation.

From the sleek design of the user interface to the features. It feels like a complete application.