Codosaurus – THE code editor FTP client for all iOS devices.

I was suggested this app by this awesome bloke@mendmyiRiki so I thought I would check it out.

The main things that attract me to this app are the following:

  • Syntax highlight
  • Spaced out interface
  • VERY speedy
  • Works for FTP, sFTP & SFTP
  • Drawbacks of the LITE version:

  • Extremely limited supported file types unless you upgrade to paid
  • So as you can see from the above points it is the perfect app for you if you have the cash.

    The lite version is good to get you a feel for how speedy and awesome this app is for iOS devices.

    its quite rare in the iOS app world to find an app that does all types of server setups. FTP, sFTP & SFTP. So I was very happily surprised when I found by just changing to SSH port it knew I wanted SFTP. Very WIN.

    The price for what you get in the full version isn’t bad at all. I see it being used pretty much every other day.

    Easily edit PHP, .htaccess, txt, HTML files etc.

    A must have for anyone who works with websites either as a hobby or business.