Hi all,

I grabbed the trial via Xbox 360 dashboard for CS:GO, I was somewhat disappointed…

The graphics aren’t brill & the gameplay sux compared to CS:S.

The hype regarding its release made me think my 45min trial wouldn’t be long enough to get the full atmosphere for the game.

After 20 odd minutes I turned it off… I played DUST 2, NUKE and some other map, so I got varied maps and gameplay from the trial and as such my view can be made.

I used to play Counter Strike: Source alot. Had my own servers etc and the such (at one time I ran 4
CS:S servers) the gameplay in that game was fast paced, react-able, perfect for what I believe the Counter Strike saga stands for.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

They are a vast improvement from the ageing CS:S but don’t have the essence of what playing the Counter Strike saga used to have

For me I give it a low gameplay score due to its slow-paced, less “agility” in other words they have TRIED to make it too realistic.

Quote of the day:
“Reinventing the wheel never works out”