Recently a twitter friend of mine @SnoopinNewton mentioned a new AppStore app named “Crackle”

A short YouTube video at bottom of post

An app that seems to show in the description & screenshots streaming of movies for free…

It is in fact totally real, legitimate & working.


1) Stream movies for free in quite high quality from my testing

2) If you like a movie you can then purchase it from iTunes

3) Smooth user interface and no lag


1) App crashed initially on first launch (works perfectly fine now)

2) Movie selection “isn’t my cup of tea”

If you like Jackie Chan, Japanese movies + B movies and the such then you will enjoy this app.

Also some great oldies. There is an ad at the beginning of movie streaming but it lasts a short amount of time and streaming begins promptly after.

All in all the app is win, it’s free and you can stream movies…

YouTube vid: