Hey all,

Another review by me about a fun yet painful (I’ll explain in a sec) app that is for iPhone, iPad & iPod devices. Link to the app is at the end of this post.

AppStore app:
Dog Whistle Free

Yes, the app I’m about to review is an app that can imitate a dog whistle. Well it doesn’t just imitate the dog whistle frequency, you can use a slider to pic a kHz frequency along with the pattern in which it is played.


  • “Press to Whistle” button for press and hold playing of the sound
  • Frequncy in kHz slider from 0.1kHz – 22kHz
  • Pattern slider that has everything from “Pure Tone” to “kHz Oscillation”
  • Sound Meter showing the current dB level
  • Sound graph showing the current dB level in kHz increments
  • The ability to have 3 “sets” of preconfigured setups that you can adjust

Pro Points

  • You can “on-the-fly” adjust the sliders whilst holding down the “Press to Whistle” button
  • You can annoy your kids by playing a frequency just out of your adult range!
  • Your pets reactions are funny! (Especially if you adjust the “Pattern slider”

Negative Points

  • Playing frequencies within your ears range for prolonged periods may cause your ears to hurt!


All in all its a fun app that you can play with or use practically by training your dog (preferably with an iPhone or iPod as you’d look quite odd holding an iPad whilst training your dog!)

The app is only 5.3MB download from the Apple AppStore.

AppStore link: