20121223-094836.jpg[ratings]Hi all,

After a tweet from @jima6636 regarding how awesome this app is I had to check it out.

The app is called Game Your Video

Search the AppStore for: “Game Your Video”

I was looking for a fully featured and free video editing/enhancing app from
The AppStore for my iPhone for a long time (unsuccessfully) until I discovered this app.

It is what we ALL want from an iOS video editing app! Check it out below:

  • 20121223-171116.jpg
    Turn the videos you have made using your iOS device into something special by EASILY adding effects to them. EG: fast, slow, gitter, echo. Lots of effects to make your video unique and to stand out from the rest.

  • CUT & JOIN
  • 20121223-171411.jpg
    Remove unwanted clips from your video… Yes you read that right. Something I have been looking for, for a long time is now doable with EPIC ease. Remove the parts of a video you don’t want and it restiches it with very little work from you!

    Join multiple videos together. Another epic feature in my opinion

  • 20121223-171503.jpg
    Turn your video into a full reverse clip. A bit of a novelty feature IMO. It will be one of the less used features of Game Your Video

  • 20121223-171542.jpg
    A nice feature whereby you can have two different videos placed next to eachother and save as a new video.

  • 20121223-171642.jpg
    Is a section within the app where you can view other people’s creations using Game Your Video. You have to specifically share them to be in the lists so don’t worry about any of your creations being public.

  • On the Fly effects
  • You can record and add effects in realtime to your videos using the Camera button within the app.

    Along with these ways to upload your creations:

  • Facebook upload
  • YouTube upload
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