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mendmyi - Screen Protector Automatic Applicator

iPhone 4S & 4 Screen Protector Automatic Applicator

Automatic applicator machine that comes complete with 10 high quality screen protectors to fit using the machine

The Quick Verdict

9.8 - Ease of Use
9.9 - Design
10 - Quality of product
9.9 - Screen protector quality & thickness
9.6 - Price / Affordability

Ease of Use

The automatic screen protector us very easy to use, as demonstrated in this very quick YouTube video from mendmyi

Design & Quality

The design of the applicator is high grade. Everything about it feels like it will last a very long time. Made from rigid plastic throughout the product feels perfectly made and resiliant. Below are some photos of the actual product in use

Screen Film Protector Quality

The quality of the film covers that come with the product (You get 10 of these HQ protectors) is next to none. The screen protectors are thicker than most cheaply made, cheaply priced screen protectors. Plus the protectors actually fit 100% perfectly with the home button cut out a perfect fit. Unlike 99.9% of all others… The extra thickness gives you extra protection for your beloved iPhone screen.

Price / Affordability

The price is very reasonable for the high quality you are getting from both the appliance and the film protectors themselves. Priced at £19.99 and including 10 x protectors it means you will never need to buy more protectors. Never mis-align ever again. You will only need to use 1 x film protector per use.

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