Welcome to my in-depth review of Woopra and review of the Woopra iPhone app.

I have been using Woopra on this site for the last month. (A little late I know)

I knew of it for many years; as I found out when I already had an account with an uber old domain active.

Woopra is one of the most comprehensive visitor statistic platforms available.

CRM with actionable customer insight and smart engagement tools.

Quote from their homepage

PRO’S & CON’S of the overall system


  • Extremely easy to understand statistics
  • Real-time visitor information
  • Actions, referrer, out linking are all gathered so you can keep on top of your highest yielding referrers etc
  • Extremely easy for any novice to implement, along with the added benefit of being able to edit the code for more advanced or targeted analytical information
  • inbuilt website chat function that you can use to chat to your visitors regarding any queries they may have (more on this towards the end of the post)
  • CONS:

  • NONE – In my opinion there are no cons with regards to their system. There free plan is amazing, paid even more amazing… No quarrels.

    PRO’S & CON’S of the iOS app
    (Available for iPhone, iPad & iPod)


  • Epic dashboard view with current visitor count, current visitors new or returning count, total views today graph, current visitors action view, latest referrals, current visitors, which pages they are viewing, country of visitors
  • 20130106-184552.jpg

  • Brilliant “Visitors” TAB showing what page they are viewing, if they are idle and by how long, country of origin, platform and browser of the visitor, along with how many actions the visitor has done
  • 20130106-184911.jpg

  • Report TAB where you can setup custom reports of the statistics from anything from the browser used, country, visit duration to landing page, referrers, search queries & keywords
  • 20130106-185646.jpg

  • The above is just a glimpse of the power of the system via mobile iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod) try it out to really see how brilliant it is

    Right, one thing that really is more than a minor inconvenience, the FACT you appear ONLINE in the site chat feature when using the iOS app, but have NO means to communicate with anyone that may request a chat due to the iOS app NOT HAVING the chat feature……

    For a thriving business down to a small business this is not a good thing to happen… It is an annoyance for both webmaster and potential clients that may wish to chat before purchasing and they would “feel ignored”

    Woopra: PLEASE fix it so either the chat feature is enabled in the iOS app or you STOP the app from activating the Woopra chat feature. Thanks.


    So, if you want what I deem THE best in analytics get Woopra (it is a platform that out performs Google Analytics by far)

    The only CON is annoying and might have a negative impact on business (although you can disable the chat feature within the web dashboard at Woopra.com

    Thanks for reading.

    Comments welcome.