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These types of apps are becoming more and more prevalent in the world of iOS.

The app Sell Simple has the following feature set

  • Buy items listed
  • Sell items directly
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to begin selling
  • All in all my testing of the app was all positive! Read on for some screenshots:

    The listings of items for sale that come up are in a lovely interface that is easy to navigate and comprehend20130104-092203.jpg

    The search function within the app is easy to use, fast and precise20130104-092352.jpg

    Filtering search results is great to, you can filter by price, distance, keyword and time listed20130104-092524.jpg

    Before buying you need to setup your credit card as the payment portal20130104-092700.jpg

    Before selling you need to insert your bank account details into the application20130104-092831.jpg

    When you are ready to sell, the sell an item screen opens and opens the camera where you can efficiently take pictures of what you want to sell or select photos from your photo library20130104-092916.jpg

    After selecting the photos you are confronted with a nice interface to enter your item/s details before publishing it to sell20130104-093034.jpg

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