speedtest.net is one of the best known Internet speed test sites for PC/Mac and they also have mobile applications to test the speed of your wifi or cellular on your iPhone, iPad & iPod.


  • Download, upload & ping
  • Realtime graphs show connection consistency
  • Past tests with detailed reporting
  • Easily share your results
  • My thoughts:

    The app is consistently great in my usage whether its via wifi or cellular. Consistently accurate results and less speed fluctuations during tests than other iOS apps.

    The user interface in the app is also a very positive part of the app. It is lagless, responsive and coherent in navigating the features.


    The app uses location services to select the closest server based on distance20130109-214517.jpg

    The user interface is great, as you can see from this screenshot it is concise and elegant20130109-215019.jpg

    Via the Settings TAB you can select a new server to test against, change how speed is displayed: kbps, Mbps & kB/s. You can also sort history by date, download & upload20130109-215311.jpg

    Results TAB shows the history of previous tests concisely with an icon showing whether they were wifi tests or cellular20130109-215601.jpg


    So, speedtest.netshould be your first choice in speed test app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Search: speedtest.net in the AppStore.

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