So, me and the wife were bored last night and decided to watch a film on Sky Movies (on demand)

After looking through all that was on we decided upon The THING. Mainly due to me having had played the game years ago on PS one (I think)


The film is mostly set in Antarctica where “the THING” is found frozen in ice a couple of hundred meters from his alien ship that is under the ice. (Odd I know) Some people (mostly American & Russian) are the discoverers and they set to work extracting it from the ice. They get it out (inside a block of ice) that they leave to defrost in a large shed. It breaks out flying out the ceiling of this wooden shed. Hell then ensues.

HINT: “The THING” can become a clone of what it eats. 😉

That’s all I’m going to give away on the plot.


The way “The THING” engorges it’s prey (humans) is epic. Disgusting yet amazing.

The way “The THING” moves is, again, disgusting yet quite cool. (See it to see what I mean)


The typical why are you going on your own/ why go that way when obviously the safer route is there/ why not just kill everyone and be done with it??

Those kind of thoughts crop up now and again but not too often.


So, in conclusion it’s a film that is decent enough to watch if nothing better is on. If you enjoy monsters and/or humans being devoured and a “who is the alien” horror then watch it.

Don’t watch if you are easily grossed out!

Comments welcome below. Thanks for reading