There is a short screencast of the new YouTube app at the bottom of this post.

The removal of the imbedded YouTube app into iOS was at first a difficult thing to comprehend.

But once YouTube released their own app for YouTube in the AppStore all was well with the world.

Basic reason:

The app is much better in every single way compared to the old imbedded YouTube app.

Elaborate reason:

First of the UI and performance surpass the old app. Searching doesn’t seem to lag the device for a short amount of time etc.

It’s a lot more feature rich compared to the old one. Everything you expect from a YouTube app & MORE exists in the app.

It’s easy to navigate and the way it uses the full width I the screen for popular/categories etc makes it more of a pleasure when searching.

So in conclusion: Apple should have ditched the imbedded app long ago.

Go get it.