Secure Business Hosting

Secure your business

Do not risk your Business

Always choose a hosting provider that focuses on security

You would only end up regretting your decision of cutting corners in your hosting choice. Focus on what is important for your business. Security, speed & reliability

Failures of others

Lack of updates

Most problems you may have faced with your hosting providers usually stem from bad updating practices of the host infrastructure. Ever had your site down for an unspecified amount of time with an apology email stating they were updating stuff?? That’s not how it should happen!



I’d say about 80% of web hosts oversell their packages. Meaning you will not be getting the optimal performance for your site. Overselling is a major issue in the industry. It harms not only you but all other sites that are part of the over-crowded servers!

Security, what security?!

Break-ins to the inner workings of your site on alot of web hosts is usually just a matter of time. Lack of knowledge of security by the companies that host your beloved site do not have scripting in place to prevent attacks to gain access.

How I differ


I have set up an extensive automatic update system for both core operating system updates and automated protection scripts. Along with this there is also an array of custom scripts as backup in-case auto update fails, I then receive an email telling me an update is pending and can manually run via any web browser via a secure interface.


There is always an under-par amount of clients per server. This ensures that if any unforeseen traffic for any clients sites occurs then the performance and availability of all clients stays the exact same with zero disruption. Along with this there are scripts in place to protect from such circumstances.


A large array of protection scripts keeps your credentials safe from brute-force attacks, guess attacks or direct action attacks. I am the all seeing eye in terms of logins via any means and receive emails when unsuccessful logins are logged as well as successful logins. Anything suspicious is blocked from all nodes.

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