Hey everyone,

Today I did the joyous task of riffling through the masses of logs kept by my systems to check for any problems and things that may cause less optimal performance.

1) Mail system logs flagged up a potential problem with regards to reinjecting mail. This has now been rectified. Meaning performance & stability has been improved.

2) Other web based logs hinted that the max memory allocation for scripts was too low under certain circumstances. This has now been increased in line with safe parameters.

3) Additional lock down and security for FTP, aiding in the disruption and blocking of invalid login attempts.

4) Other top secret enhancements in stopping break-in attempts.

Security of your servers, websites etc us NEVER done. You can always improve your current practices, never forget that… If you do forget it may be something you regret.

If you need any assistance/guidance with regards to your security practices please send me an email. The details of which are on my CONTACT PAGE.

Thanks for reading.