Hey all,

Most people that think its best to purchase/rent their own dedicated server or VPS for peace of mind and performance… But in-fact if you purchase from a well known & well setup shared hosting provider you will get hosting that is beyond any single server setup in terms of ease of use & performance (worldwide)

Excellent providers would provide the following:

  • A cloud that stores, caches and delivers your site from strategically chosen geolocations
  • Security – their setup would have exceptionally good scripts that run proactively every set amount of time searching for illegal scripts, CPU loggers etc and kills it before it impacts your service
  • Security – their setup would include a substantial firewall with exceptional rule sets to cease any sort of web scans, bruting, bandwidth attacks etc
  • Performance – their setup would have optimisation for what ever web server they choose. With custom modules/rebuilding of the web server to mitigate 90% of attacks
  • Security – PHP.ini etc… It KILLS me to know that even WELL KNOWN websites are uber non-secure… Even simple “rules of the web” are not followed
  • I could go on and list every single failure I have come across on the WWW but that is impractical. My advise to all you security conscious but non-savvy is to STICK with a hosting provider that has the above.

    If you do infact run/operate your own dedicated server/VPS contact me here if you want a custom quote for a security audit or even to just chat about any security concerns you have with your current setup/provider!

    Thanks for reading.

    Quote of the day:
    “Security… Know not of it, know through it”