Quick blog about my thoughts on the new iPhone.

Was all the hype worth it?


I shall not be contemplating getting the new iPhone due to ye following facts:

It’s not going to stay in the condition I like to keep my gadgets for longer than 1 minute without a case or something protecting the thinner front glass/rear metal. If you get a gadget of any kind then you want to SEE the design/sexiness!
@mendmyi from twitter identified a small design blemish that IMO Steve Jobs would not have allowed through
Not enough/not any innovation that makes you think: OMG, I need that feature, it’s all bog standard stuff, and saying that half the stuff is half baked and buggy/broken/doesn’t work how it should.

So: Apple, even though the brainwashed masses will go out mindlessly and buy your shockingly NON-innovative product, please make a phone that is innovative.

Sincerely yours.

Quote of the day:
“Mindlessness causes a richer Apple”