Ignore the below, the game makers released an update so the game can now be played on jailbroken devices


Hi all,

You all may have noticed a game called Deus Ex: The Fall was recently released (VERY good game by the way)

People’s main problem with the game was the fact they blocked the game from being playable on a jailbroken device. You can circumnavigate this!!!

The Cydia app also bypasses jailbreak detection of other apps/games you may have!

And this is how:

Open Cydia on your device, and go to search and enter: “xcon” and tap it!


Install it:


And that’s it… Done… Comment below if it worked for you!

You can now enjoy the game in all its glory. Do it, I guarantee it works! Seriously, it’s that easy!

xcon also works for other apps that have jailbreak detection.

Thanks for reading!

Comments Welcome!