Hi everyone,

I have been busy over the last week/week tinkering with my website to make it super responsive, socially perfect and having the right font settings


On a desktop the website will show everything you would expect from a website with everything in its place and easy to navigate.

Now if you browse to the site on your mobile devices you will see the main bulk of work that has gone on.

For example, rotate your device and everything will “magically” respond to your flip and reorganise it for easy viewing.

Something I like very much is the way you have a mobile style menu when you rotate to portrait, give it a go 😉


The main changes for the social aspect of the site are viewable in different ways on different types of devices.

If you view the website on a desktop computer and you go to a blog post or a page you will see a lovely floating share bar to the left that follows you down while you scroll. Unobtrusive and it just works!

On a mobile device this warps into a simple bottom of post bar, leaving the window for total view of content.


Total rehaul, that is all 🙂


Font for blog posts and pages etc were basic Ariel, leaving it a bit plain and boring. So it has been ramped up to a nice, easy t read font with a size and weight that is pleasing for all devices.