So I’ve had an iPad 4th generation wifi for just over a month now I think and it seems to be the best purchase I have made in a very long time.

Before I purchased it I was on my HP (Windows 7) laptop for 25% of my computing time and 75% on my iPhone 4S. (The iPad 4 is my first ever iPad)

Since purchase this has changed dramatically… I am now on my iPad 60% of my computing time, 30% on my laptop and 10% on my iPhone.

The iPad has revolutionised the way I do everything… I know revolutionised is a bold statement but let me explain.

Main activities in my daily life are:

  • Emailing
  • Social Networking (Twitter mainly)
  • Coding
  • Server admin
  • Research
  • There are others I could list but these are the first that came to mind.

    The iPad has apps for all of these tasks (“There’s an app for that” comes to mind)

    Emailing I use native iOS and Gmail app. Social networking I use tweetbot and IM+. Coding I use codosaurus PRO. Server admin I use iSSH or browser. Research I use Chrome.

    The display is the perfect size for all these tasks and the iPad 4 has made me much more efficient in all areas. Beforehand I was predominantly using my iPhone for email, social networking, server admin etc and it was VERY laborious. Forcing me to open up my sluggish (on startup)Windows laptop to get it done quickly.

    Don’t get me wrong: without my laptop I wouldn’t be able to function at all with specific tasks. For example the lack of Silverlight support and a couple of “lack of feature” apps would make it impossible.

    All in all I am very glad to have bought the iPad. It has also made me start gaming again. Playing well crafted, high-end games on the retina display with little to no “graphics lag” is immense. Even titles such as Angry Birds etc are much more enjoyable on the iPad compared to the iPhone.

    Why didn’t I go for an Android tablet? Because in my experience (which is quite a lot) Android devices have always had an element of lag. The UI lags, games lag, opening apps lag. Things aren’t as refined as iOS. Which is ashame. Even with “high-end” devices I have tried out they never feel “up to par” for what I want and need from a device. But that’s my opinion.

    All above is my view on the iPad taking into account my daily life and needs. If you have an opinion please share in the comments, I’d love to hear it! 🙂

    Hope my views help someone similar to me make a decision.

    Thanks for reading

    Comments Welcome