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Every Windows system gets a little sluggish after a while. Its inherent due it being such an open system.

The way in which I have kept all of my machines in top working order is with the following application:

Advanced SystemCare by IObit

Default settings keep the system running well but with a little bit of tweaking with the basic or advanced settings you can get the most out of the application and the most out of your windows based machine.


The software includes the following features:

Provides an Ultimate Solution for TOP PC Performance
Advanced SystemCare 6 offers registry cleaning, system tune-up, privacy sweep, junk files cleaning, disk defragmentation, and more features in one suite, to make your PC run like new.

Detects More Hidden Problems of PC Security and Performance
Detects and analyzes Windows security. Scans and removes spyware, adware and hijackers with our up-to-date database. New Web Surfing Protection creates a safer online environment by detecting risky websites and other e-threats that may harm your PC.

Simpler and Easier to Use
Brand new user interface designed for easier and simpler use. The new one-click solution provides maximum convenience to conduct a comprehensive PC-care with just a click of a button.

So, why not check out this FREE application. You can’t lose!

Advanced SystemCare by IObit

It’s amazing. I do recommend purchasing PRO if you find it good with the FREE features because with PRO you can get the most out of your machine without manually tweaking.


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